Inside Scoop (Tips)

When it comes to whipping up masterpieces in the kitchen some just have a knack for it! However, I’m going to help you cut through the red tape by sharing some of my tips. Some of I’ve learned the hard way or by trial and error and others have been passed down.

Tip #1Dry Measurements

Forget the mess when it comes to getting cupcake batter or muffin mix in those little cups and use an ice cream scoop. It works perfect and you don’t drip all over the pan or counter!

Tip # 2

Chop onions without the water works! You’ve got a few options here: try peeling and cutting under running water or chopping them near a gas flame. It’s also a good idea to refrigerate onions before cutting them up.


Tip # 3 Screen shot 2015-09-26 at 2.02.07 PM

Keep your pucker power longer! If you want to preserve your lemons from hardening forget the plastic baggie in the refrigerator. Instead, coat them with coconut oil and refrigerate in an open container.

Tip #4

Not only can it be costly, but also throwing away food is wasteful. We’ve all been there a recipe calls for a half cup of sauce, like tomato paste. You can save the rest of the sauce, while keeping it fresh, by freezing the leftovers in ice cube trays.

Tip #5Liquid Measurements

Spaghetti leftovers can still be yummy on day two, but sometimes it can be a challenge to get all the noodles to heat up evenly. Here’s a trick that works even for spaghetti squash. Reheat pasta in the shape of a doughnut on a plate and it will heat up much more evenly!